Monday, January 6, 2014

Westjet's Real Miracle

By Amalia 

The recent Westjet Video of the Christmas Miracle  has inspired me to write this story about my flight from Mexico to Calgary I still can't believe how far human kindness can reach.  A person could easily be cynical and say that the video was simply a tool for selling their products but my experience, I hope, will show you that for this company, kindness is a corporate quality, not a marketing tool.

A few weeks after my husband passed away my daughter and son in law had to go on a previously planned trip to Mexico and insisted that I come with them.  My daughter insisted she couldn't leave me alone in this circumstance.

I think that anyone can understand how you are hit when you lose your partner after almost 62 years of marriage.  I wanted to be left alone in my home with my thoughts and feelings.  My daughter was heartbroken.   They needed this trip and I didn't want her to stay at home because of me.   So I agreed to join them but for only the first of the two weeks.

I was so happy and relieved when my grandson offered to fly down to Mexico to pick me up and bring me back to Calgary.   He arrive in Mexico without incident but the flight back to Calgary was sold out but he hoped to make it stand-by.  One passenger with a ticket didn't  show up so my grandson was allowed to load the plane with me.  That didn't last long as the passenger showed up and my grandson had to leave the plane.

My happiness to have my grandson with me ended because he had to leave the plane.  I was very sad.  I wasn't afraid to fly alone but at the idea of arriving home, to my house alone.  I always traveled together with my husband and dreaded the moment when I unlocked the door and saw myself alone.

A flight attendant saw the tears in my eyes.  She asked me what happened and I told her my story.  She was so compassionate as I told her my story, she hugged me and tried to console me.  Then all the flight attendants came and offered to make things easier for me.

Many kindnesses happened on that flight but one of the most powerful was when I was told that the pilot arranged for somebody to call a taxi to pick up my luggage and a person from their staff would accompany me home upon arrival.  
The lady was so nice and warm towards me.  She unlocked the door, came inside with me and sat with me while I got used to being in my home without my husband.  She asked if I needed something and if I could manage being alone.  She stayed as long as I needed and when she left she gave me her phone number.   I assured her that I was ok and had to promise that I would phone if I needed something  or felt uncomfortable.

I was overwhelmed.  Even today I can't believe how strangers could show me so much companionship and kindness.   It is encounters like these, filled with kindness and wonderful people that make me strive to be a better human being. 


  1. You have a smile and grace that makes people around you want to be better human beings as well. Thank you Amalia, your story was exactly what I needed to read this morning.

    Katie B

  2. A beautiful story and I would agree with Katie whole heartily that your grace and the kindness that exudes from you inspires those who are lucky enought to cross paths with you to be better humans, at least that was my personal experience.

  3. Amalia, First off I am sorry for your loss. I admire your courage to go on the trip even though you didn't want to. What an impressive woman you met who escorted you home and stayed with you. She did the right thing and hopefully your story inspires more people to do what they can to bring comfort in trying times. I wish you peace in your heart and more kindness from others.

  4. What a lovely story Amalia, it reminded me of blessings I received last Friday Jan 3, 2014. Friends from Vancouver Island had visited me over the holiday and their daughter, Teresa, at some point in our conversation had heard me tell my friends about difficulties I have with my computer and a recently purchased Ipad. I can now remember Theresa saying "my husband Tom can help you and I'll have him contact you".

    Friday Jan 3 was a cold day, and I know there was snow I cleared off the car so I could drive to my 9:45 ultra sound appointment. At breakfast my table mate Phil said he would brush the snow off the car for me. When I returned to my room, a call came in from Theresa asking what I was doing that day. When I told her she said "Tom & I will drive you to your appointment, wait for you and bring you back to your seniors residence, and Tom will help you with your computer while I go and pick up food for lunch.

    I was delighted and things went as planned. Tom was a great help to me. Before leaving, Theresa said "We will shovel the snow away from both sides of your car so you'll be able to drive out of the parking lot easier".

    They were cheerful, encouraging and just bubbling with kindness. Amalia, your story reminded me of what a wonderful act of kindness I had received, and sometimes we just take these things so much for granted

    Bob Peterson