Monday, June 9, 2014

Advice to 13 year old girls

My advice for thirteen year old girls, The most important thing to remember is to work hard and study in school, because working hard now is how you can make sure that your future is full of good opportunities. You also can ask your parents for help and follow their advise because they lived long lives and know what is better for you at this age.

 It is important to have good friends that you can trust and who can help you and give you advice if you need them to.

 It is important not to waste your free time and to use it wisely , you can read literature, play music, or even go to the cinema with your friends. You should help you community and family by volunteering or helping your relatives. I used to help the lonely elderly people with cooking and cleaning.  Make the right decisions and choices. You can learn from and teach your siblings.

 When I was in grade eight or nine I used to volunteer and help the younger grades put on and prepare performances for their friends and family. I helped teach them stories, poems and songs and even some plays.

Monday, June 2, 2014

From the Good Old Encyclopedia Days to the Google Days: How We Have Advanced

By Manny Cohen

The learning process--we have so much information available to us today. In the past, the telephone wasn't as easy to use, and it was our source of communication. The mail and the post office was very important.

Things have changed so greatly on today's time frame that we can form an opinion that allows us to have a quicker and faster response to situations. We hear 'Don't take this because it's contaminated, don't take this drug because they know it's no longer good for you, and the doctors can give you a faster treatment for recovery.' Things are much faster today. For instance, we were getting mail in WWII from exchange students in England to Canada, and it would take 3-4 weeks for the letters to get back and forth.

The radio influenced everybody, because people made a habit of gathering around the radio for the news, the cultural programs, and some people were greatly influenced by these gatherings. But I do think that people had more time to discuss projects or things of interest, whereas today the information is at hand immediately through the computer, the cell phone, I think that Google is the greatest tool today. In the past, you had to do so much research to form an opinion but on today's time frame, with the information at hand, you can solve a problem or a situation within a very short time frame. I think we have more time to play, and a greater social society than we can intermingle with people.

We have transportation in our city, if you use public transportation, you can get across our city in short times, with the LRT and modern buses. Years ago, when I was a boy, if you were going somewhere, your journey took great amounts of your day. There's a benefit to our living style in the present situation. For example, in sports, the world series for young people was the greatest thing. We used to sit by the radio and listen to the commentary and we thought that that was the greatest thing in the world. Today, with television and computers, you can see it live. In my mind, that's unbelievable. You can see them throw the ball, see the curve, see the signals. In my mind, I can see what advancement we have in our daily lives.

Maybe the new generation can't fathom the advantage that they have.

We learned from our elders or our teachers, and they were always right, because we had no way of contradicting them because of the lack of information, and today, in schools especially, you can show the instructors that there is another way of forming an opinion, and from your research at hand, you believe that they should alter their opinion based on the present facts. In my day, if you went to the school and the teacher says 'The system dictates that this is the answer to the question,' you would assume that that was the only way to answer the question. Today, you can also find out different ways to handle these situations in learning, and you can explain yourself very well, you can contact the education system and say 'Instead of only one way of doing a task, there may be another way of doing a task, based on the information I have available to me.'

I would conclude that people today have the ability to come to more informed answers

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bruce's Dream: Searching For the Truth

It is important to seek out the truth.  In this video Bruce explains how he discovered the truth about his wife's family as it was torn apart during the war.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Norma Explains it All to You

Norma has experienced a lot of changes for women in her life.  Here she explains how she traversed the complications of cultural expectations and a desire for learning.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Purpose Driven: Notes to my 13 year old Self.

By Amalia Tauber

This video was made in the blogging class with myself, some students and Mariette.   It came from the conversation I had with one of the young students about what I would tell my younger self.

The transcript, I started below, as well

The first  thing I  would tell myself at 13 is to study... not just for professional life but for learning about LIFE... about mankind, about how things came to be and where they could go.

In 1939 the war started, with that my life changed.  And my perspective about life was completely different then.

Before those days I knew there were rich people and poor people, people who would like to achieve thinking that they couldn't achieve in life but that life could be so hard and people could regress to acting like savages, that was something completely new to me.

War can change everybody.  BUT it is not just the war but it was the things that led up to the war... it was the unfinished work that lead up to the war, the treaties, the fallout from WW1 and the economic pressures, the changes in the country lines and the economic pressures that followed after the first ww - the consequences... in particular what happened in Germany.

How the National Socialist Party could take hold there was because the economic situation was so bad there.  There was inflation and unemployment.

If you know how people came to their circumstances, how they came to live you can understand and anticipate the future.   You can only do this if you LEARN about history, human behaviour, and life situations.  You can learn in many ways

You can learn from experience, from other in your surrounding and life, and you can learn from books and other resources.

Learning from life experience for me meant living in a concentration camp.   I was a teenager, I didn't anticipate this kind of cruelty and horror in what I and many other experienced.

You need to know what is happening in the world and if you want to change it you need to fight for better conditions for living, not just for yourself but for all people.

There are many distractions, especially now, for a young person.  There are many ways to get knocked of a helpful path.  Our cultures encourages us to be shallow.   I am not saying don't enjoy your life but a young person needs to have ideals, a purpose.  You may not know your purpose exactly, but if you read and you explore the failures of humanity through learning, (not through personal experience, I hope for you) and you can find your way to your purpose.  I

Its very important for younger people to go on the path of ideals, it is much harder to find as you get old.  When you are young you are more enthusiast and believe more in the goodness of others.  As you age you can become more cynical, so to capture you ideals and enthusiasm and hold onto it as you grow.

After all I have been through, and it has been much, I still believe in the goodness of mankind.  There are more good people than bad.

What would you tell yourself, leave it in the comments below

Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Launch

Our video launch was a tremendous success with a great showing of over 40 friends and family.   Our intrepid blogger Sandi was our host for the evening and she encouraged us all to have a great time.   We had folks from the Jewish Centre supporting us, The Calgary Jewish Academy came to celebrate with us and some representation from the fantastic youth that were part of the project.

So this week we want to feature the fantastic video made by Micah who asked Bob 5 questions.  These questions were based on conversations around "what stories would you want to share with younger people".

Stepping into becoming an Elder in your community and moving into a position of storyteller is an important part of the aging process.  Only you have the lived experience and understanding if you are ahead of someone.  It makes seniors leaders and we have some great leadership on this blog! 

Hope you stayed tuned for more stories, but for now, here's Bob!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coming To Canada!

Well today is the day we launch our videos out to the universe!   We hope you will join us.   Here is another video by a good friend of the project:  Irina.    Irina looks at what it is like to come to Canada from a communist country and the nature of truth.

Hope you appreciate Irina's thoughtfulness and care as she sorts through what she was taught vs how it lines up with reality

Come view the rest of the videos tonight!

We invite you to join us at our: 
Video Premiere & Blog Celebration.   

April 30th at The Calgary Jewish Community Centre, in the Seniors Lounge from 6 - 7:30 
For a Dessert Reception.

Please RSVP to Shula Banchik at  403 537 8596