Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Launch

Our video launch was a tremendous success with a great showing of over 40 friends and family.   Our intrepid blogger Sandi was our host for the evening and she encouraged us all to have a great time.   We had folks from the Jewish Centre supporting us, The Calgary Jewish Academy came to celebrate with us and some representation from the fantastic youth that were part of the project.

So this week we want to feature the fantastic video made by Micah who asked Bob 5 questions.  These questions were based on conversations around "what stories would you want to share with younger people".

Stepping into becoming an Elder in your community and moving into a position of storyteller is an important part of the aging process.  Only you have the lived experience and understanding if you are ahead of someone.  It makes seniors leaders and we have some great leadership on this blog! 

Hope you stayed tuned for more stories, but for now, here's Bob!

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