Monday, June 9, 2014

Advice to 13 year old girls

My advice for thirteen year old girls, The most important thing to remember is to work hard and study in school, because working hard now is how you can make sure that your future is full of good opportunities. You also can ask your parents for help and follow their advise because they lived long lives and know what is better for you at this age.

 It is important to have good friends that you can trust and who can help you and give you advice if you need them to.

 It is important not to waste your free time and to use it wisely , you can read literature, play music, or even go to the cinema with your friends. You should help you community and family by volunteering or helping your relatives. I used to help the lonely elderly people with cooking and cleaning.  Make the right decisions and choices. You can learn from and teach your siblings.

 When I was in grade eight or nine I used to volunteer and help the younger grades put on and prepare performances for their friends and family. I helped teach them stories, poems and songs and even some plays.

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