Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blogging & Seniors: How did that Happen?

How have we changed?
Mariette Sluyter

We thought we would take a moment to share with you how this project has changed folks.   I would like to provide some perspective and then Bob will take over and share the changes he has seen.   Our group came together with a mix of hesitant interest and skepticism.   When I told folks that I believed people would be interested in their stories they hardly believed me. As the post grew and our team saw the stats they started to understand that maybe, just maybe younger people were interested in what they had to say.  Over 2000 individual blog views in just 3 months has reassured them that their voice is welcomed in the blogosphere.

Now, about half of our team came on board having little or no computer skills whatsoever, and no experience blogging at all.  Through a process of in class lessons, peer tutoring and online cheerleading and support all of our group have gained the necessary computer skills, have started honing their storytelling capacities and are transitioning to moderating the blog themselves. 

As for myself I have been thrilled to see how quickly this team from 66 - 87 have taken to their individual roles as needed.  Moving from tutor to student to cheerleader they are willing to do whatever it takes to support each other.   It is moving to watch people continue to push and learn a very challenging skill in their lives at a time when many would be choosing to not participate.   Thank you Bubbies & Zaidas for reminding me to always keep learning.

Now for Bob's perspective on the changes he has seen in our group.

How Blogging Has Affected People in the Class
Bob Peterson

1) It has allowed seniors an opportunity to reflect on topics presented by our instructor and encouraged seniors to share how their own lives were lived or shaped dealing with that particular situation.

2) Recently Blogging web site contacts have chose to make comments about the seniors stories, and we have instantly become part of a much greater community.

 3) It is interesting to read about the paths that others have walked before us and it broadens our knowledge of history that was often overlooked in earlier times.

4) Blogging has encouraged us to learn computer skills which have opened up so many opportunities for us to access information instantly

5) it has made us realize how mind boggling technology has been progressing from year to year, and we wonder what the possibilities are waiting for us in the future.

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