Friday, November 8, 2013


The Bubbies & Zaidas spent some time thinking about war. 
We are a generation that has lived long enough to have seen some terrible atrocities of war. 
We have a concern that younger generations will forget what it is we are asking them to remember. Remembrance day is not about the “glorification of war” but a time to reflect on those who’s
sacrificed, to remember how war comes about, and we remember so that we can strive towards the ideals laid out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms:  

 Never Again

Poppy Field, France

By Norma

Why is it important to remember?

So that history will not be repeated.
So that future generations don't forget the sacrifices made by our
grandfathers and fathers during two world wars.
To be able to teach about the horrors brought about by war.
To be able to share memories with future generations.
Preventing the stories of our elders from being lost.
To let the youth of today,who will be our future parliamentarians,
know what to avoid in the future.

What is it important to remember?

That so many youth from the recent past have disappeared because of war.
So many young men who never got to realize their futures!
That war has a devastating aftermath for the soldiers and their families.
I think about what used to be called "shell shock" and that is now called PTSD.
The governments who have failed the returning soldiers with the lack of psychological resources and pensions to help veterans and their families.
To keep memories of war before the youth of today. 


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