Friday, November 8, 2013

May We Introduce Ourselves?

The Bubbies & Zaida’s Blogging group is a project that endeavors to take being an Elder into the  digital age.  The goal of the blogging project is to introduce you to some elders in the community and invite you to see the world from their perspective.  Perhaps you may see things differently after reading several stories about life on a different side of the mountain.    Before we dive in and share our stories, we would like to introduce some of our bloggers.

Sandi:  I was born August 1947 in the small town of Chemainus, B.C. located on Vancouver Island.  When I was the age of three my sibling and my parents moved north to Nanaimo, where I completed my education and at the age of 21 joined the Air Force.

January 03, 1969 I became a member of the Air Force, which was one the best decisions I have made. Basic training was took place at CFB Cornwallis from January until March. My trades training, a Finance Clerk took place at CFB Borden from March until June. After my training, I was posted to CFB Ottawa. I took my release the end of March 1976.

June 1978 I moved to the city of Calgary. Outside of my employment history, I experienced the joys of Ballroom and Latin Dance lessons; two stand-up comedy courses and one improv course; being a civilian officer with an Air Cadet Squadron and 15 years as a Toastmaster.

One of my proudest accomplishments is rappelling down a three story building Aussie style (face first), when I was involved with the Air Cadet Squadron about 17 years ago.

Robert Petersen:   The 4th of 9 children, Bob was born and raised in Kingston Ontario.  Bob married a Dublin gal, Maureen, in London, England in 1949.   They have 5 children.  Bob’s wife (nicknamed Penny) passed away in July of 2012.

In 1941, Bob became a member of the Air Cadets. In 1942 an Airforce Flying Instructor gave Bob a flight in a Harvard Training Aircraft and this gave him a thirst for a flying career.

Enlisting in the RCAF at age 17, Bob trained and graduated as an Air Gunner, and went on to serve as the rear gunner in a Lancaster Bomber in England attached to the Royal Air Force #100 Squadron

After WWII Bob served in both the Royal Air Force and Canadian Air Force and since retirement Bob continues his connections with friends in Aviation. 

Amalia: I like challenges. I have lived over 87 years on this planet. I have seen many things and had many challenges.  Not many of them easy.   I always want to be active physically and mentally as I believe it is important to continue to do this for your whole life.   This is what the challenge of life is.

I sing, I act, I write...

and now I am learning computers!

Margot with classmates Amalia and Tutor Del.
 Margot:   I was born in Cologne, Germany in 1931 and I recently turned 82.   Hopefully my story, may in a small way, be of interest to future generations.

I have lived in many places including Israel, South Africa & Canada.  was extremely proud when the large company that I was working for in South Africa sent me to Malawi (we had a branch there) to each them the accounting systems used at Head Office, which was in Johannesburg.   I was there for a week and accomplished everything that was necessary.

I am a very ordinary person who adores her family, is very fond of animals and loves all kinds of music.

I also enjoy reading and movies and watching TV.

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