Monday, April 7, 2014

Marriage is a lot like the Weather

By Bruce Eekma

I’m no expert on Marriages but, after fifty plus years, believe it is a lot like the weather, one day it is hot the next cold. When we first get married we treat each other like Kings and Queens and there are many warm days. However this does not last because after celebrating a couple months of honeymoon, the storms start coming, first little ones mostly rain however after a couple months the fun begins. Don't get me wrong sometimes a good storm is just what the doctor ordered because we get to make up and every marriage need a little rain every now and then to keep things fresh. 

If you are anything like me, I got married to have kids, so got my wife pregnant after three months of marriage. Ones the kids arrive us males are not Kings anymore and we become number two. If we wanted a little sunshine in our marriage we have to help around the house. Gone were the night out with the boys, because we have to babysit, and gone are the extra little treats we use to get when we got home from work. No sir if we are not careful we can have more rain than sunshine and everything starts to droop if you know what I mean. However there is hope, because if a man is smart enough, he will purchase an umbrella to protect his partner and does special extra little things for her, then maybe the sun will start to come out again and the birds will start to sing.

After a couple of years  marriage we feel we can predict a storm or even start a small one, including prepare ourselves for the onslaught, but most of the time they come out of nowhere. Most storm happen around the festive holidays when there are a lot of parties. At these parties there are lots of people in the same boat as us that are looking for a little sunshine. After a couple drinks everything looks better and we start to feel like Kings and Queens again and get that feeling that we have been shortchanged in the weather department. These parties are full of people that agree with us and promise sunshine and happiness everday. However let me tell you don’t start to looking for a little warming, for you will run into a thunderstorm , because when you get home your better half will see right trough you and see it on your face and she will get the trued out of you because you’re a poor liar.

We have a Mayor, in one of the biggest cities in Canada, who also looked for a little sunshine but he ended up with a tornado and is going to spend the rest of next year repairing his life. Maybe it will never be repaired and he will be permanently condemned. Let me suggest to all of you that when you go to these parties make sure you have an umbrella to protect you from getting soaked and maybe some rubber booths to keep your feet clean because sooner or later it is going to storm. 

You don’t have to worry about me anymore because after fifty years of marriage my wife still picks up a treat for me every now and then and I have just completed a book about her life. At my age I don’t go to many parties and now she needs me to help with the great-grandchildren who bring all the sunshine we need so yes we have been blessed.         


  1. I'll make sure to watch for droopage! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I will continue to enjoy the weather in my life!

  2. very interesting.

  3. Interesting blog today, I always liked what Bonhoeffer wrote: "It is not the love that sustains the marriage, but from now on the marriage that sustains the love."